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Calvin at
 University of Chicago Booth Graduate School of Business

of Effective Sales Management

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The Fundamentals of Organizing Your Sales Force to Maximize Results

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Calvin's Thoughts on Sales

A sales force is no better than its management. A weak sales force reflects weak management.

A sales manager's goal is quite simple, to make the salespeople successful. However, implementing that goal is quite complicated. What separates the best from the not so best sales managers is the ability to set standards, be critical and sit in judgment.

Sales drive profits and hide many sins. You can not save your way to success, only sell your way to success and that requires good sales management. 

 Calvin's Laws

Recruiting The Best. Terminating the Rest.

Have sales people review, update and sign their job description annually.

Create a candidate profile based on your best sales people's skills. knowledge, experience and personal characteristics.

Don't' hire in your own image or hire people you think will be easy to manage.

Be sure to do a preliminary telephone interview of candidates. Can they use the phone to sell an in-person appointment.

Simulate your sales situation in the interview and hiring process. For example throw some rejection at the candidate. See if the candidate closes by asking for the next action.

Have the candidate sell you his or her previous product or service.

For finalists check references by contacting previous customers and managers.

Replace the bottom 10% of your sales force each year. Weed the garden. Let the cream rise to the top.

Get the right people on the bus, the wrong people off of the bus, and the right people in the right seats.