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Sales Management Demystified Reviews

A Comprehensive and Very Readable Guide to Sales Force Management, May 29, 2007



Charles M. Cohon (Morton Grove, IL United States) - See all my reviews

Sales Management Demystified leaves no stone unturned for both newly promoted and experienced sales managers. For the newly promoted sales manager, Calvin's book is a front-to-back, comprehensive self-teaching guide to creating, hiring, training, compensating, organizing, motivating and evaluating a sales force. The experienced sales manager will find this book to be an excellent resource and reality check for any task at hand, such as planning a sales meeting, restructuring a sales channel, or dealing with sudden, unexpected turnover in the sales force.

Whether reading this book front-to-back or using it as a resource to research a particular sales problem, sales managers will appreciate Calvin's conversational tone and reader-friendly formatting. I especially liked the way each chapter's subtopic got its own distinct subheading, which made it easy to pick up the book and quickly find a discussion of any sales management problem currently at hand.

If you are only going to read one sales force management book this year, I'd strongly recommend that it should be Sales Management Demystified.

Charles M. Cohon
Prime Devices Corporation


Great Reference Book, June 29, 2007
As a successful sales executive for a Fortune 500 company, I was glad a friend recommended this book.
Although I have been managing a large sales staff for years, I found the book enlightening and useful. It reminded me of some basic principles that are so important to good sales management as well as providing some new ideas that are easy to implement and very practical.

I now keep this book on my bookshelf for frequent reference. I often refer to the chapter on hiring for effect (Hiring the best; terminating the rest)as well as the chapters on Training for results and the one on motivating salespeople. In fact, I have used some of the techniques descibed in motivating salespeople with excellent results.

Consequently, I would definitely recommend this book even if you are a seasoned sales manager. It is an easy read and an excellent reference tool you can go back to time and time again.

Jon Rubin
New York


Finally, An Implementable Raodmap to Successful Sales Managment, June 27, 2007
By  J. Ahern "Jack Ahern" (Chicago, Illinois) - See all my reviews
Finally, a book that tells the reader how to effectively implement proven methods of sales management.

This book gets to the point, quickly detailing how to make substantial improvements in sales force management.

This is a soup to nuts, down to earth, manual on how to:

Pick the right sales people,

Focus them on effective selling, and

Keep them motivated.

I highly recommend this book for anyone who has and interest in boosting sales and getting the most out of every marketing dollar.

Jack Ahern
AhernConsutling - Financial Advisors to the Healthcare Industry