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About Robert Calvin
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...Mr. Calvin has spent the last 30 years combining his academic and business experiences to create a step-by-step proven formula for success in Sales Force Management. As a salesperson, Sales Manager, Vice President of Sales and company President, he has used this expertise to rebuild many sales forces. As President of Management Dimensions, Inc, he has built an international consulting firm, specializing in marketing, sales, and sales management training.  

During the last twenty five years, in addition to consulting, teaching and writing, Mr. Calvin has bought several medium-sized businesses that were losing money, managed them back to profitability and resold them to larger concerns. He has also founded several successful new enterprises. His consulting clients range from the Fortune 500 to the Inc. 100, from the new to the old economy, including such industries as financial services, medical devices, navigational equipment, consumer electronics, clothing and building materials. As a consultant and company owner he has found new profitable opportunities for many firms. 

Mr. Calvin has written numerous books, including Managing Sales for Business Growth and Profitable Sales Management and Marketing for Growing Businesses.  He is the author of the McGraw-Hill Executive MBA series titles--- Entrepreneurial Management and Sales Management---winner of the Soundview Award as one of the 30 best business books in 2001. Both titles have been translated into Chinese. His newest book �Sales Management Demystified� was published by McGraw-Hill in May of 2007.


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